Me Woman. I want. I can. I deserve

I have a lot of my adult life trying to write about something, whatever, but for one
reason or another, I haven’t done it… I mean, to write something beyond a creative
content or one or two articles. People say that in life we must do three things: plant
a tree, have a child and write a book, well, I’ve already planted three trees, and
they’re growing big, and beautiful. I also have two wonderful children, although I have
to admit that sometimes I would like to hang them (it is easier to live with a tree,
sincerely!). And, as if that were not enough, I have survived and been reborn from
what could have been an unexpected death.
Me, Woman, more than to pretend to be a book that would solve all of your problems
– not at all, believe me, only you have the solution- I would like it to be an ally in your
sleeplessness or a little piece of heaven among so much that you have had to live
… I do not presume, far from it, to be the great answer to all your questions, I just
want to share my story, what I’ve lived, and if it helps you, even if it’s a little bit, then
I am grateful! I want to share my reasons and my motives that have brought me here,
and how much I still have to go and to do and to be! hopefully! I do not know about
you, but I want to die in my bed, asleep, old woman, surrounded by grandchildren
and without any pain. So be it!
Through so many experiences, which according to me “I did not ask”, but that I did
attract to myself, now I know, life took me by surprise and I just lost myself in the
way… but now I understand that I am the result of everything I have thought and
above all, of everything I have sense and felt, that I am the result of all my emotions
combined, although many times I did not want to see it, or I saw it when it was too
late. Me, Woman… an open book, with the soul and the bare heart looking to be a
ray of light, maybe, I hope, in your dark room. I would love to think that through these
lines you will laugh, you will cry, that I will accompany you in some way, that I will
help you feel a little, even if it is a little better … And I do not know, maybe, I will help
you to be a better version of you, for you … to you. I want to think that it will be like
that. Because life is beautiful because it’s worth living because you’re not
superwoman nor a clown for anyone that you “have to make happy”. Because you

deserve it. Because every moment counts and is a conquest. Because your past
does not define you. Because your power is here and now, inside you, not in your
children, not in your parents, or in your partner, not even in your friends. It’s you, it
is me. You, invincible woman, incredible person, beautiful, free, strong, tender,
intelligent, creative, mom, grandmother, no children, married, divorced, stayed,
reunited … always loved, always you, that person who you allow forgetting, that you
were lost among so many attempts to please the other, but that was never enough!
Remember who you are. Find your way again. Redefine yourself*


*ABSTRACT OF MY BOOK: “Yo, Mujer. Quiero, puedo, merezco”. 


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