Brainwash Your Mind!

Do you know that you can Reprogram your mind in 21 Days?

Do you know that you can Brainwash your deepest thoughts and “install” new ones that can make your life exactly the way you have always wanted to?

The lifestyle you want, the job of your dreams, the partner of your life.

Anything you have always dreamt of.


Your subconscious mind is absolutely powerful, but it is also very vulnerable, and if you don’t brainwash your mind, someone else will do so. Or has done it for you already! Your parents, the school, the media, everyone outside yourself has been taking control of your mind!

But you can change this from now on, you just need persistence and Willpower.

It takes 21 Days to create a new habit, a new belief, because, what is a belief but a continue thought that you keep thinking? So, first of all, you must know some facts about your subconscious mind.


  1. Your subconscious mind is always, always recording what you are saying or hearing. Even when you are sleep!
  2. Your subconscious mind is a gigantic tape recording which is actually recording everything as a mental movie, all the time!
  3. Your subconscious mind will never accept a NO. For example, when you say “I will no longer smoke”, the image that will appear in your mind will be yourself smoking.
  4. Your subconscious mind never comprehends the future, the subconscious mind is always in present tense. The power of now!
  5. 95% of your entire life is controlled by the subconscious mind. Take a look at your habits. We are co-creators of habits. The rest 5% you think you have the control.
  6. Your subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between an actual event and your imagination, that’s why when you see a scary movie, you get scared, your conscious mind knows it’s not real but your subconscious mind doesn’t!
  7. Repetition creates new beliefs. Say or think anything as long as 21 Days, and you will start believing it. That’s the way you can “print” new things into your subconscious mind

On a quantum level, you will start attracting the things that you most think about, you will be drawn to people, circumstances, situations that match the things you feel, think, and believe the most.


This is the way The Law Of Attraction works!

Your thoughts are dynamic energy!

Start brainwashing your mind. Reset your bottoms, reprint new beliefs.

Want to know how? 

In my next post, I will be giving you 8 simple steps to brainwash your mind in 21 Days so you can start doing, being or having anything that you want. Anything!

Do you think you can brainwash your mind?

Leave some comments below.

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