Digital Marketing!

Really?? Am I that old???? Believe me, when it comes to new technologies I feel, and not only feel, my head turns gray!!

I am so happy to tell you that I decided to dive into the wonderful, stressful, and intense Digital Marketing World hahahahahaha ok you can laugh! As I told you on a post recently, I’m in my search of expansion… ok expansion in inevitable, but I am choosing to make it as a delivery creator!

Well in my search, I attracted, and I repeat: I attracted to my life an amazing program, I should say, so far so good, called #TheSixFigureMentors, and don’t get me wrong, but I really believe, and I repeat, as I said so in many of my post, that law of attraction always works, whether you believe it or not, anyway, I do believe that I am ready to be ready to be ready, so despite my fear and my lack of knowledge, I decided to jump in. It was more like an INSTINCT action. And I did so. I can do this!! I am a home-stay-mom But I am a profesionist… and a blogger? right? ok… let’s move on… and let’s start learning girl!!! (It’s wonderful how many selfsteem can give you to write and published your own book!!! I feel Invencible!! Click on my link on my home page to get it, you will change your point of view in so many ways, I promise!


I must say that it hasn’t been easy, but tremendously fun (which you know I actually love fun!) and most of all things, I found myself surrounded by this community formed by beautiful uplifted, likeminded people, who are connecting with me and are in fact empowering me all the time, and I mean it: all the time!

So said that, I am sure I found what I was looking for, I found not only a way of making money, MoneyLove: which means not only money (and of course not the “quick money that most fake links are telling you that you can get from”), but to this feeling of peace and fulfillment that I am getting because of all the people taking care of me, looking after me, teaching me while I can actually start earning. OMG I think I am in Love! 

balance business cobblestone conceptual

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#andomujereando y me fascina!! I will let you know my steps in this process!! Bye for now!! Love and Kisses and blessings and all that jazz!!




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