The path of least resistance…

Daily Law of Attraction Quotation

The trick is (it is not a trick, but a skill) the skill is, to have desires that you do not trample with doubt. When you believe you can accomplish your desire you feel wonderful. But a desire that you doubt does not feel good. And then, you sometimes say, “Well, I will just release my desire.” But you cannot, because once life has caused you to identify a desire, momentum happens. And then, the path of least resistance is to line up with the desire.

— Abraham-Hicks


The point is that we are the ones that get in the way, we need to understand that when we ask, it is given, as simple as that. You just need to relax, chill out, then magic will happen! Stop being the one blocking all the beautiful things that are already line up for you.

#andomujereando and I love it!



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